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Time after Christmas can be difficult for some, especially between the holidays and New Year’s Eve. The new year lies ahead of us, it marks a new beginning but at the same time we didn’t yet digest the intense last couple of days (or weeks). Christmas commercials were bombarding us since october and now that we finally let all this behind there is that strange emptiness that overcomes us when going back to ‘normal’ life. While we barely couldn’t wait for some time alone after all that family celebrations, we are depressed and lonely when the moment of returning has come. We feel a bit strange, as if there was something that needs to be done and we totally forgot about it. So, what is it, that is missing?

If you know this feeling that I am talking about, you are already familiar with Post Christmas Blues. Life just doesn’t feel like usually, everything seems kind of unreal and strange. Evenings can turn into endless loops of self-pity and depression. 

But don’t worry – Post Christmas Blues is nothing to panic about. Just don’t fall into despair and make the best of this days! There are some really easy ways of how to reset the mind and over those Post Christmas Blues. 

PS.: Even if you don’t have the blues, these are pretty nice ways to spend your time in Boxing Week ;) 


1. Go Sale Shopping!

 Although it is always said that luck can not be bought (which IS true) – a nice shopping purchase never failed brightening the mood. As winter sales just hit the stores (also at HUMANIC!!!) you might get even more lucky with getting hold of an item that still was too pricy the week before. And moreover, is there a better way to spend your Christmas money? I need a new pair of boots by the way…

2. Write!

Write down everything that goes around in your mind. Either if it is your list of New Year’s Resolutions or a diary entry. Writing can be very relieving. Once you put your thoughts to paper, they seem to be outside of your head and you are open to something new.

3. Spend some time with yourself!

Holidays are packed of family get togethers and you rarely find time for yourself. While looking forward of just being alone, it can be kind of a reality flash when the moment has finally come. Take advantage of that time and try to seize it. New Year’s Eve is arriving faster than you may think and some resting time in between is necessary for the mind to come down a bit. If you feel lonely, think of yourself as ‘wanting to be alone’, not as ‘left alone’ – because the truth is that you are not alone at all (just look back at the last days). A little change of your point of view can make a big change for your well-being and happiness. 

4. Visit a museum or go to the movies!

As many people are on vacations or at their family homes the city is quite empty. It’s the perfect opportunity to go on a romantic date – just you and your city. Go see an exhibition, go to the cinema or just walk around the streets and do some window shopping. The pre-Christmas stress has gone and you can finally take an unhurried stroll without worrying about some transactions that need to be done. 

5. Exercise!

There is probably no one who does not have the feeling of having eaten way too much over Christmas. Working out does not only help your body getting back on track, it also ‘cleans’ the head, releases endorphines and that way helps to overcome the Post Christmas Blues. As we don’t want to overdo it, a little yoga youtube tutorial before going to bed makes a good beginning. 

6. Get your stuff in order!

No matter if it is you finances, your closet or your facebook friend list – rearranging and cleaning up helps to dismiss the old year and making place for something new. Bringing a new order to an aspect of your life (literally or metaphorically) is satisfying and keeps your mind busy for a time when you are just about to wallow in self-pity. 

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