Pokémon GO – Merging Into Fashion

Posted by August 1, 2016 - Austria, Things We L@VE, Trends

Oh, hey! It looks like you were somehow caught into the Pokémon Go phenomenon since you clicked on the article already. Do not worry, you are not alone!

Pokémon has clearly hit on our society intensively (again) but this time, it wasn’t even pre-meditated since the own app creators were totally shocked about the reaction, we humans had towards the app earlier this month. (We even have a secret competition going on at the office, ha!) 

The app has forced us to get out of our seats and walk around our city in circles catching inexistent creatures. From here we wanted to let you know that we are are totally up for supporting you in this one as long as you look totally cool while doing it. We think the whole idea of catching Pokémon is very 2000s and because we know these years have and will always be a black spot in the fashion history we want to make sure that you are wearing the right outfits and are not accidentally getting infected with the 2000s fashion virus (please!). 

Before we go on to you Fashémon Go look let us show you how this young stylist and Pokémon lover from Canada has taken over these high fashion campaigns and Pokémo-nized them. We think they are (weirdly) very cool.

Best of luck catching them all! 


Pokémon GO Outfit

1.Adidas Trousers 2. Zara Pocket T-shirt 3. Puma Fierce Sneaker 4. The Pack Society Bag 5. Givenchy Bomber Jacket


Pictures via Pokexfashion and Fashionista