Platform Sneakers And The Proof That They Are Everything ATM

Posted by April 19, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Oh platforms, platforms, you either love it or hate it and we sure LOVE IT. This very 70s type of style made the younger and not so young generations at the time, start adoring these during what was considered a party era, when everything was seen like a party of exploration, without explanation. How lucky are we to be able to wear them again and enjoy a trend that for our parents or grandparents was THE THING.

We are just over the moon with these platform sneakers. Not only do they make us look terribly awesome, but also make us look a teeny bit taller, which if you stand under the 1,70 cm bar, like us; it’s pretty amazing. According to our fashion editor, another incredible extra of these platform style shoes is that they can easily be styled with pretty much everything inside our Spring closet collection. From dresses to jeans, shorts or skirts, it will always look amazing. So for you to get into the whole platform world, here are some pictures of how our editor Franziska, decided to style her beautiful Silver Superga Platform Lame sneaker for a sunny afternoon at Museums Quartier.


Images by Notorious-mag