A Very Pippa Middleton-Inspired Look You Can Easily Pull Off

Posted by May 22, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

When we heard about Pippa’s wedding we couldn’t be more excited. Pippa is the perfect mix of elegance, femininity and coolness all out together into a pink bag and topped up with rainbow coloured sprinkles. She’s pretty divine when it comes to style and we knew her wedding was going to be the perfect proof of it. And guess what, we were not wrong at all. Pippa rocked a stunning white dress that fitted her perfectly and matched the whole day quite stunningly.

First of all, lets have a look at the awesome snaps of the younger Middleton sibling’s wedding.




TRUE, period.

After sneaking into this dream wedding via pictures lets look into Pippas general everyday style. There is something about Pippas way of combining the classics that we just love. She knows exactly when and how to add some colour to the situation and she rocks the dresses like a real life princess. Let’s take a quick into her general style.

While we were looking into Pippa Middleton’s style, we realized that she has a clear weakness for the Basket Weave Trend from Humanic and she rocks her little basket bag like a pro with any outfit. Here is the proof.


So now that we have clearly investigated Pippa’s life and style into detail, we would love to create a Pippa-inspired look for you to recreate it at home this Spring/Summer season. We will aim at some colorful pants and basic top combined with a nice basket type bag from the Humanic store and some delicate and elegant ballerinas, to make sure it is almost as perfect as Pippa’s favorite looks. 


Net-A-Porter Blue Blouse  /  M&S Red Pants  / 

Images via Pinterest and NY Times