Rocking My Pink Slippers

Posted by May 15, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
pink slippers

Last week’s been busy again. I went to Vienna for a day for some meetings, a day later I’ve been to Graz to sell all my stuff at Feschmarkt and in between I organized my upcoming weeks in the future. The weather conditions went from getting into a heavy storm and rain to 23 degree and sun so I always tried my luck and hoped for the best. While I was in in Vienna I went for these fluffy pink slippers which are always a good choice when warmer temperatures are out. And yes, I’ve been lucky! Beside the cold morning breeze my look was totally wearable during the day and the sun came out around lunch time. In the summertime I really enjoy cruising around with a motorbike or a small Vespa, it reminds me of good times and the typical summer breeze you feel while sitting on it. Especially with slippers on it’s easy to get in the right mood and all I can think right now is ice cream and the seaside. Slippers are still en vogue in 2017 and I’m happy you can still pull them off on the street while going for a big shopping trip. My feet can breathe, walking feels comfortable and I can even show off my freshly pedicured toes. After being to Vienna and Graz I had a long weekend coming ahead: Mother’s day was here and I had to plan and organize that special Sunday for my mother. My Saturday was a busy one as well and I basically didn’t have any weekend at all. I decided to take it easy today though because I need to slow down a bit and recenter myself. I’ve discovered meditation a while ago and have to say that I feel so centered since I started. It only takes 10 minutes a day and makes my brain and soul feel much better every day. So today, I have one goal: Take things slowly because my life has been in a constant rush since forever. I still have work to do for tomorrow but I will force myself to take a bath, read a book and treat myself a bit. Maybe I’ll do some online shopping, or at least I would love to just look around and see what catches my eye. Since my wardrobe is super detoxed now I have room for new stuff as well! Have a fresh start into the new week!




By Hollerkat