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I am not a huge fan of rainbow colours eye shadows, I prefer to keep my eye make-up quite sharp and clean. My all time favourite is a simple black line on the top lid and some Mascara to open up my eyes and give them a vintage look. It is very difficult to find an eyeliner that is easy to handle and stays on your eyes for at least 10 hours. I tried so many different eyeliners and got desperate towards the end when I kept coming home with a black line underneath my eyebrows or even worse: black smudges far away from the eye area. Last year I discovered the brand Eyeko on Asos and decided to give it a try. I got the skinny liquid eyeliner in black. The liner itself is more like a solid black pen and is easy to apply. It is a bit dry which helps to control the line edges. And what surprised me the most was that it actually stays in place for over 12 hours! By the way, it is good to put some nude eye shadow on your lid before applying the eyeliner – this will help the liner to stay on your eyelids for a bit longer. A few months later I also ordered the Mascara from Eyeko. And again nothing but satisfaction. There is only one little weak point: if you use the eye liner every day, it dries out in about 2 months. This means that I need to get a new one every 2 months. But it’s worth it, as in the end it safes me so much time.


1. Eyeko Sport – Waterproof Mascara

2. Eyeko Black Magic Macara in blue

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