Your Perfect Warm Outfit For The Christmas Market

Posted by November 23, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Survival Kit
christmas market

We are never getting tired of talking about Christmas Markets! After we already provided you with a selection of our favorite ones to go to in Vienna, the next logical step is to present you our perfect outfit for enjoying you Mulled Wine outside. Even though Christmas seems to be still far away, let us tell you: It is only one month and as fast as time passes, the holidays are literally around the corner. And because the weeks before Christmas are (at least for us at Trendsylvania) the most magical and joyful time of the year, we try to seize it as much and long as possible. This year we are trying to beat our personal records by visiting as many Christmas Markets as we can.

For this little social get-togethers with friends or colleagues you obviously don’t want to show up all muffled up like a skier; you want to look stylish and cool but ALSO you are not keen on freezing. So here it’s our turn. This are our essentials and favorite items for creating the perfect Christmas Market outfit. 

Christmas market outfit

#1 A cap / beanie / hat that keeps your ears warm! We like it in pastels as this one from & Other Stories

#2 A coat that this long and fluffy! How cool is this Porgie Coat from Shrimps?!

#3 Thick rubber soles (treaded) = warm feet! Tommy Hilfiger is what the choice fell on.

#4 This little crossover Vigneron purse is the perfect addition to #5.

#5 Fingers crossed that it is not too cold so that you can show off with this amazing flower embroidered jumper from Zara

#6 No ripped or distressed pants, please. To face this cool breeze we want intact trousers: Victoria Beckham.

#7 Very, very soft gloves that make us more than happy from M by M.

#8 Warm legs included: Long stockings from Burlington


Teaser Image via Song Of Style