The Perfect Thursday After Office Look

Posted by August 4, 2016 - LIFESTYLE

After offices are usually held on Thursdays, it is a way to welcome the weekend and disconnecting from work during the week. Nothing official, just a casual “Send to all” email is all it takes to organize a Thursday After Office reunion. These events are slowly becoming more frequent. It is a perfect way to connect with people from the industry and do some networking or even connect with colleagues you do not get the chance to talk to while at the office.

You may also be invited to more after offices other than yours, and that is even more perfect! This will allow you to wear whatever you want (you can always just pretend you wore that to the office, cheeky we know but it works!).

These meet ups are usually known in fashion for featuring the best casual looks but, (although you are supposed to be wearing exactly the same outfit you wore that Thursday to the office) we like throwing some extra pieces into our bag when leaving home in the morning. This is the secret to a perfect after office look.

After offices basically consist in very casual meetings with your office colleagues that are usually held directly following your office working hours. These types of events are very common in big cities like London, NYC, Paris, Buenos Aires, Madrid and many others. Some agencies take it all the way and organize very cool after offices in very interesting places like art galleries or remote old industrial spaces. We have had the opportunity of attending quite a few in different cities and we loved all of them.  If you are wanting to held a so called After Office event, let us tell you that the secret to a total success is the chosen location. The more random the better, but remember, KEEP IT CHIC!



How to achieve the perfect After Office Look

To create our perfect after office look, we would follow some of our previous recommendations on the summer office outfits and finally spicing it up a little by adding some saucy touches to it. We decided to go with a Culotte type trousers because it is a very Thursday look in our opinion and it can easily be made casual. Remember after offices are casual events, where cocktails flow and bosses get rid of their ties faster than you can imagine.


Thursday Office Look


1. Zara Spotted Loose Culotte 2. H&M White Blouse 3. Buffalo Ballerina 4. Lazzarini Shopper 5. Prada Sunglasses


Thursday After Office Look

You will now see how we changed a professional office outfit to a cool and chic After Office outfit.

Secret tip to a successful After Office look: We strongly believe that the secret is having some extra bits inside your shopper bag. In this case it will be the shirt, earrings and the shoes. These pieces plus some very basic beauty touches, will be enough to create your perfect Thursday After Office look.



1. Zara Spotted Loose Culotte 2. Mango Strap Blue Shirt 3. Vigneron Strap Black Sandalette 4. Lazzarini Shopper 5. Combined Earings


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