Your Perfect Christmas Eve Attire? Here You Go!

Posted by December 21, 2016 - Fashion, Survival Kit, Things We L@VE
Christmas Eve Attire

When it comes to celebrate Christmas, everyone and each family has their own traditions. Of course, this also depends on the country you are from and the church you might belong to. The schedule is at least slightly different. While some are having dinner in the evening on the 24th, others are celebrating over lunch the next day. And what about the handing out of presents? The night of the 24th or the morning after? Or maybe even later, on the St. Stephans Day? What most traditions of Christmas celebration have in common is, that at some point during the holidays, you get together with your beloved ones to have a meal. This common (family) feast is, what we take as an occasion to jump into our most festive outfits. What about you, did you already find your perfect Christmas Eve attire? 

Of course, for handing over presents under the decorated tree there is not really the need to be all spruced up… But in the end, don’t we dress up for ourselves? We at Trendsylvania definitely think so (and Silia does as well – according to her last post!) and besides, wearing out a fancy and chic outfit just amplifies our festive moods (what is almost not even possible). If you feel the same, see below the precious pieces we selected to inspire you for your Christmas Eve outfit. To be covered from head to toe, we divided our selection into accessories, including shoes and purses, and pieces of clothing. For that you will notice that we currently have a tiny, little crush on velvet..

Shoes, Bags & Co.

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1. OLGA BERG Clutch 2. OLGA BERG Box Clutch 3. BUFFALO High Heels 4. BUFFALO Booties 5. VIGNERON Leather-Combination Pumps


Pieces Of Clothing

Christmas eve attire

1. DOLCE & GABBANA Headband 2. H&M Velvet Dress 3. MANGO Green Jumpsuit 4. VETEMENTS Blazer 4. ZARA Body 6. ELIZABETH AND JAMES Dress 7. TOPSHOP Dress 8. ZARA Velvet Pants