Peep In the Bag of Vogue Editor Sarah Harris

Posted by June 3, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 17.33.48

We are all looking for signs that our role models are human beings just like us. So what better way of getting to know their quirks by looking through some of their most intimate personal belongings? As we already talked about Vogue Editor Sarah Harris, her astonishing style and how much we admire her for that, we now want to take a look at what is inside her bag. 

Get ready for something unexpected: Besides the normal tools a woman is dragging around day by day (like make up, an agenda and the other usual utilities), Sarah Harris is carrying some rather strange stuff (you will know what we are talking about when you watch the video)… 

By the way, for the amount of things she has in her bag, no wonder that she goes for a backpack ;) 

Get your own big bag that will function as your carry-around storage room:

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