Pearls are the new diamonds

Posted by October 17, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Trends
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Ladies, all you need this season are pearls! Your ears, fingers, arms, hair – everything should be covered in them. I am already in the pearls fever and I am a proud owner of the the Mise en Dior tribal earrings. And my wishlist for Christmas gets longer and longer from day to day. See for yourself which awesome pearl jewellery (for every budget) is out there:

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1. Pearl, gold and enamel single earring by DELFINA DELETREZZ

2. Pearl, gold and enamel lip ring by DELFINA DELETREZZ

3. Cuff earrings by CA&LOU

4. Crystal and pearl earrings by NEKTAR DE STAGNI

article 15_pearls_2

5. Faux pearl necklace by KENNETH JAY LANE

6. Faux pearl earrings by J.CREW

7. Hairclip by ROSANTICA

8. Gold-plated pearl earrings by AURELIE BIDERMANN

article 15_pearls_3

9. Faux pearl earcuff by ASOS

10. Faux pearls necklace by LOVE ROCKS

11. Faux pearl bracelet by ASOS

12. Faux pearl earrings by PIECES

By Broken Cookies