April’s Editor’s Picks: Payday Wishlist

Posted by April 26, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

It’s almost the end of the month and while at that time we are always wondering of how fast the past weeks flew by, we are also excited for one special day to come: Payday! In April we saw too many things we wanted to get our hands on but patiently waited until the end of the month. Now the day is about to come and we can’t wait to spend our hard earned money on one or another little treat that we really think we deserve. Of course, money wants to be well spend and not thrown down the rathole. This is why we imaginarily collected all the pieces that we drooled over in April and put together a wishlist of them. Now we go through it and think about which of the items we still want to get and which were just impulsive cravings with a short lifespan. That’s a good way to manage your finances and don’t make any (or too many) impulse purchases. 

So below you find our April’s Payday Wishlist, of which we don’t want to cross out a single piece… What’s on your shopping list?

1. Stilettos!


KATE GRAY Leather High Heel Sandals


2. Perfume!


BVLGARI Splendida Rose Rose Scent


3. A Bare-Shoulder-Shirt! 





THEORY V-Neck Shirt


4. A Bag!




5. A Kitty Ring!



ANNA IJ Ring with Cat Ears


6. Slides!


OMG! Fake Fur Slides


7. A Spring Dress!


H&M Conscious Exclusive Volant Dress