Pattern Palette: The Items We Should be Investing In According To The Catwalk Trends

Posted by January 13, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

January is a great month to go through the last catwalk looks and analyse the whole thing from a different perspective. Fashion week do not only exist to enjoy them and snapchating, there is much more behind it. Catwalks indirectly decide what our next shop windows are going to look like and most important, they inspire smaller designers to follow their trends. So we went through the most influential fashion weeks’ trends and put them all together to create this years new upcoming Pattern Palette. Here are four of the main pattern trends that could be spotted during the fashion catwalks around the world.


Stripes are the eternal pattern. It is always a win, no matter what the weather is like, who you are next too or what you decide to wear. They are always a success, so why not invest in a striped bag this year and start using tomorrow or even today. What a good Friday evening that would be, wouldn’t it? Friday evening with friends plus a new striped bag from Humanic. Grazing perfection!


Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers  /  A.S. 98 Slipper  /  SMH Ballerina


Tommy Hilfiger Shopper  /  Guess Shopper Bag  /  Tommy Hilfiger Cross Over

Glitz and Shine

Who does not love a little bit on shine and sparkle in life? Well according to the most important catwalks of the world we should all head down to our closest Humanic store and get ourselves a shiny patterned bag right now. Lucky enough for us, Humanic offers a very cool variation of this pattern and here are what we believe are the chicest ones.


Funky Shoes Sneaker   /  Gamloong Platform Sneakers  /  New Balance 580 Gold Sneakers

SMH Shopper  /  Lazzarini Clutch  /  SMH Bronze Shopper

Plain Basic

Another classic that works no matter what. Plain, basic and white. What’s not to love? Forget the “White only for the Summer” theory and start choosing your favourite basic items from the Humanic online store before everyone else in Europe starts buying them. Being the trendiest person at the office is always a great feeling!


DKNY Slipper  /  Adidas ZX Flux ADV  /  Converse Sting Ray Leather Ctas


SMH Shopper  /  Lazzarini White City Bag  /  Vigneron Crossover Bag



Embellishment, we believe is the closest you can feel to being a princess. There is something about wearing an items that ways a little bit extra that makes us want to walk like Sissy around the office corridors. However, we try to control ourselves and walk like a normal person when wearing our embellished bags from Humanic. We dare you to try it too!


Kate Gray Textil Pumps  /  Kate Gray Textil Pumps  /  Vigneron Leder Pumps


Guess Cross Over  /  Michael Kors Cross Over  /  SMH Clutch