Patches On Everything: Our New Lover

Posted by February 20, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Patches are just about everything today. We see them in shoes, coats and dresses. It all started some months ago when Gucci created a beautiful jacket that Rihanna later pulled off like a boss and left everyone dreaming of a patch-full jacket. Better late than never, patches have arrived and are now available for us all. Patches are playful, fun and very cool, they create stories and give personality to basic pieces. So why not use patches? We honestly cannot think of a reason not to use them. We had been dreaming of patches for some time and now is finally the time to use them and rock them. Patches are as we said before, an easy way of adapting your clothes to your personal style and we are ready to give you some inspiration. So we collected some inspirations on some intense and very serious patches looks spotted on catwalks and street style look around the world. All you have to do is choose your favourite style and head down town to buy some of them and start DIYing like a Patch-aholic.



If shoes mean more to you than clothes, no judgment, we hear ya; here is a groovy DIY tutorial on how to add some awesome patches to some beautiful shoes. Time for some arts and crafts ladies.

 Tutorial ONE:


Tutorial TWO:


Last but not least, if you love patches and sadly have no time to DIY, Humanic has got your back too. What a relieve huh? All you have to do is head into the Humanic online store and click on the product you like best. Here are some of the coolest items with patches on the Humanic store. Lets start rocking those patches and adding some unique character to our looks!

 Patches at Humanic



Images via Stylink