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The book ‘A Scene Inbetween’ by Sam Knee is tripping through the fashions of UK Indie music in the ’80s. The scene surrounding independent guitar-based music of the 1980s in Britain has been largely overlooked as opposed to the punk, post-punk and the acid-house era of the early ’90s. The style just like the music was built around classic elements of the ’50s and ’60s in a DIY fashion. Charity shop chic, anoraks, v-neck sweaters, high neck jumpers, stripy tees, cardigans, floral dresses and leather trousers were the items of choice for a large cut of the bands covered, often sporting a messier version of the famous fab four bowlcut. Television Personalities, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Talulah Gosh, Loop, The Pastels, Vaselines and more obscure bands such as The Shop Assistants, Boy Hairdressers, Flatmates etc. are all featured in the the book that takes an intimate look at the ’80s indie scene spanning Postcard, Creation, C86, shoegaze and multi-farious micro sub-scenes that sprouted inbetween.

a scene The Sun Carriage. Hull Adelphi Club 1988

A-SCENE-IN-BETWEEN-3 Shop Assistants 85

Flicking through the book makes you realise how much this signature look is inspiring many youth looks today and looking into my own wardrobe proves exactly that. My wardrobe is full of ’60s and ’80s gems – knitted jumpers, stripy shirts, high-neck sweaters and amazing charity shop finds, like a leather anorak thrown in for good measure. Both looks and sounds were influenced by bands from the sharply dressed mods of the ’60s to West coast and Texas psychedelia.

A-SCENE-IN-BETWEEN-5 Philip King of Felt 86



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