Sunday Brunch In Paris With My White Reeboks

Posted by March 27, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

Typical sundays are part of a weekend – is there any better possibility than to brunch after waking up late and enjoy some gossiping with friends while drinking Chai Latte? I don’t think so, especially not when I’m in Paris. Since I’ve been living here for 1,5 years in total already, I know a lot of different spots to go to. Right now my flat is located in a very lively neighbourhood in Paris, filled with the best restaurants: Italian, French, Cambodian, Indian – you can get whatever you want, no matter if it’s morning, noon or evening, you’ll always find delicious snacks. Around the corner there’s a small coffee shop offering the best organic food – I’m in love with their cheesecake! It’s small and cosy, but that’s exactly why I love to go there and enjoy my spare time while sitting at my computer writing this article. Since it will be Monday when you’re reading my words, I will be shooting in a studio today to start my week here in Paris. My weekend has been super relaxing though, I had a lot of work to do and errands to run but I took it easy and didn’t feel stressed out at all. Also, I ate lots of food, this neighborhood is teasing me every day.

A close French friend of mine is currently sharing the bed with me – she’s one of my best friends, even if we see each other only when I’m in Paris. We went out on Saturday until 5am in the morning, can you imagine? In Paris, the night life is very different. People start going out around midnight and from time to time, they have dinner before. We went to Raspoutine, one of my favorite clubs here in Paris where the music is Deep House only – easy to dance to, especially when you’re surrounded by friends. Since Juliette and I are both into veggie food, we decided to prepare some Dal, an Indian dish, in the middle of the night after dancing our butts off. You might not believe me, but besides wearing my current favorite white sneakers by Reebok while having brunch, I also enjoy wearing them for a night out. They’re way more comfortable than heels and if you combine sneakers in the right way, they can be spot on chic. The upcoming week will be super sunny here and I’m really looking forward spending an afternoon in the park reading a book and enjoying the sun. Lots of good vibes to you! 

Xx from Paris,


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