Paris In Heels

Posted by February 28, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

I’ve spent my first week in Paris running castings. Well yeah, that’s basically all I’ve done. Since I spent quite some time here three years ago already because I was doing a semester abroad, I know Paris quite well. I’m living in a friend’s flat which I have all on my own. Usually, models tend to rent a model’s apartment, but it’s much easier to have your own space and it’s not that expensive to just go for a flat alone. Of course, if you’re new in a city, you might enjoy some company, but I know lots of people here and I consider Paris as my second hometown. The third one is LA as you all know. I feel at home in some places, and these two cities definitely give me that good comfy feeling of being home and being where I belong, at least for now. I’m currently craving for some sunshine again, Paris hasn’t treated me well: It’s been cloudy and windy for a week now, but I’m happy that it’s not raining because imagine running castings all day with an umbrella in your hand. If I can give you one big advice in case you’ll ever visit Paris: Try walking as much as you can. The subway is comfortable, yes, but strolling around the streets makes you understand the city so much and also lets you be part oft he whole mood here. Paris is still the city of love, even if so many cruel things happened during the past few years. You’ll see happy people all around, you’ll see the typical Parisian walking around with a baguette (it’s cliché, but it’s true), and you’ll see the lots of artists doing their thing and enjoying life. For me, Paris will always play an important role – I visited this city 7 years ago for the first time, and it got me back again. Since I’m here for modelling, I thought I’ll show you one of my favourite pairs of heels to walk with. And guess what, they’re not black! The little details give my outfit that certain boho style I personally adore wearing in spring and summer. Sun, where are you? In the meantime, I love having a look at HUMANIC’s huge selection of inspiring shoes for the upcoming season. You’ll find some similar ones here, and they blend in so well with the bag I ordered a week ago. I’ll keep you posted!

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