Farewell Paris Fashion Week: Here Are The Highlights

Posted by March 10, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

First it was New York, then came the streets of London, after some Britishness we travelled all the way back to Madrid, eventually Milan and finally we made it to Paris. It has been two crazy months of running around all the streets of the world looking for the best, most stylish and most innovating looks in the globe. This Paris Fashion Week was chock-a-block with pointy shoes, some very, very 90s tendencies, fishnet tights and some other bonkers trends that we sure wanted to show you. On the catwalk though, the looks were once again, chic, fine and stylish. What else could we expect from Paris right? Leaving Chanel in charge of the farewell party, Karl decided to go for a very futuristic and special type of collection that literally left everyone over the moon. Rocking some revolutionary looks by mixing them with some very classic Chanel traces that allowed the onlookers to always have in mind who’s show they were witnessing.

The attendees experimented with some bright colours and some oversized items. Lots of oversize actually. Denim was also a VIP guest these two months, which left us with some of what for us were, pretty much master style combinations. However, this Parisian week was not only characterised by the finest looks around the globe it was also outlined by some very grey but beautiful skies that left all the attendees walking under the rain for a whole week. Sadly, Paris’ Fashion Week came to an end this Wednesday, leaving us with some street Style loveliness instants outside Le Carrousel du Louvre in the French capital and once again we are here to recap the most awesome and daunting moments of the one and only, Paris Fashion Week. Farewell Paris!


Images via Vogue, Collagevintage and AOL