This Was Paris Fashion Week

Posted by October 5, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends
paris fashion week

You might have seen many pretty outfits during this Parisian Fashion Week, but because we know you are tired of seeing pages and pages of non-relevant street-style looks, we did the work for you and got the BEST OF THE BEST (if that makes any sense at all). Yep, we collected the real highlights, what you really need to see from this Paris Fashion WeekYou are welcome. Paris is by far one of the chicest, trendiest and most voguish street style runway of all the fashion events out there but, it sadly concluded last night with the finale of the Fashion Week.

This fashion week has allowed us to see every single fall trend in action and we loved every one of them. It has also filled the streets with other new trends and combinations that have inspired us for the rest of the season. Paris always overruns the streets with innovative inclinations and unique tendencies. However, we did miss the lack of granny shoes and Short Block Heels, but we got to see many other 90s inclinations that made us loose our mind with some crazy flashbacks.

The plaited suit trend however; caught our attention since we got to see a lot of it throughout the whole week and we cannot help thinking about Madame Coco Chanel when we seeing this pattern. Many of the guests opted for a plaited pattern for many of their chosen outfits and they looked great and very feminine. What could be a better place to wear a plaited suit than Paris?

So as we mentioned above, here are the most interesting looks we got left of the most fashionable street style catwalk of Europe and with these unique looks we say Au Revoir Paris, until next year!

PWF_recap_double PWF_recap_double2 PWF_recap_double3 PWF_recap_double4 PWF_recap_double5 PWF_recap_double6 PWF_recap_double7 PWF_recap_double8 PWF_recap_double9 PWF_recap_double10 PWF_recap_double11 PWF_recap_double12 PWF_recap_double13 PWF_recap_double14 PWF_recap_double15


Pictures via Harpers Bazaar and Style Lovely