O’Zapft Is! The Oktoberfest Starts Tomorrow In Munich!

Posted by September 16, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Germany, Pop Culture

It is that time of the year again: Between summer holidays and Halloween there is that special period, in which Austrians and Germans use to celebrate with traditional parties, including either much wine or beer, folk music, garbs, dancing and lots of heavy and seductive delicacies. Rings a bell, yah? We are talking about Oktoberfest, right! 

The Oktoberfest at the Theresienwiese in Munich is the biggest folk festival worldwide and is being held since 1810. The occasion back then was the marriage between  Crown Prince Ludwig und Princess Therese. This year is the 183th edition, starting on September 17 at 12 noon with the anual ‘Anstich’ by the Munich Major in the marquee Schottenhammel with the words O’zapft is!

In Austria, the equivalent to the Oktoberfest is the Kirtag, which has a rather religious backround, but has become more and more similar to the german feast within time. Today, the Kirtag is a village celebration, lasting a weekend, where people come together in their garbs and enjoy local wine, food and folk music together outside. 

What both traditions definitely have in common is the dresscode: traditional garb dressing requires a Dirndl or a Lederhose. For this, we would like to give you some inspiration. Below you’ll find some ideas of what to wear, from headpieces to shoes. Go ahead and mix and match them as you like!

Some Ornaments 

Accessories are the best way to pimp the outfit. We love flower crowns and Oktoberfest themed pieces!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-15 um 16.42.12

1. Tiffany’s 2. Kitsch Bitch 3. Codello 4. Mühlbauer

As For The Dress

There are many different styles of Dirndls: longer or shorter ones, colourful, plain or patterned, from simple to fancy – so find  your perfect match. 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-15 um 15.10.55

1. Lena Hoschek 2. Tommy Hilfiger 3. Lena Hoschek 4. Riani

To Carry Around

Purses should be first of all one thing: practical. This is why our selection is put together of hand-free models which are just big enough to hump the essentials. 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-15 um 15.20.25

1. Unisa 2. Guess 3. Tom Taylor 4. Lazzarini


The shoes are the crucial part of the outfit: they have to match the dress, be chic but also comfortable and they should survive a possible beer shower. 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-15 um 15.40.56

1. Timberland 2. Vigneron 3. Lazzarini 4. Alisha