How To Be An Optimistic Person And Enjoy Life On Planet Earth?

Posted by March 21, 2017 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit, We L@VE Shoes

Sometimes we need to step back a little in order to see what is really happening and have a look at what we have, what we are doing and how we are doing in life. We live in a world of fast fashion, internet, social media platforms. All of these move in a very quick pace and sometimes we do not realise how fast the world moves, things happen and we forget to enjoy those little moments that we are supposed to really enjoy because of the speed of our life today. So it is good to step back a little every now and then to be able to consider what is going on in your life and how well you are doing.

The good news is, that if you are not a very optimistic person, we are about to change your life vision with these very simple tips on how to be optimistic in the year we are currently living.



Timing is different for everyone. If your FB feed is full of babies and new homes and you are still sitting in your small (but beautifully decorated) studio trying to figure out what you want in life and whether this job IS it or not for you, DO NOT WORRY ONE BIT. Everyone has a different life-clock. Everyone is different  and you should not try to compare your job or your house to other peoples, specially FB friends who you haven’t even seen in ages. Take your time to enjoy the moment, the rest will come.


Those milliseconds you take for yourself are GOLD. Take a step back and analyse your situation and think whether you love it or whether there is still room for improvement. If so, set up your new goals in life. 

Treat yourself

Always remind yourself that you are doing just fine. Treating yourself is a total must, since we all tend to be very harsh on ourself sometimes. Buy that dress, plan that trip, go to that concert and definitely buy those shoes that you completely fell in love with the other day. 

Self-doubt, NEVER.

Never, ever, doubt yourself. Self doubt is probably equal to self-destruction. Self doubt means you are killing yourself inside with unnecessary bad thoughts. You should always remember that you are awesome and that there is nothing that you cannot do. Only once this priority is clear in you head, things will be fine. 


With that, ENJOY LIFE!


Teaser image via IMAXTREE.