Opernball 2016 Was Like A Fairy Tale!

Posted by February 17, 2016 - Pop Culture, Things We L@VE
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For the past four years, I have been living in Vienna, a European city that is worldly well-known for its dreamlike evening Balls and not only. Although I have always desired to go to a ball all those years, I never had the chance until this February when the miracle happened. I got an invitation to the Opernball and then I started asking myself what to wear and first and foremost, which shoes I should wear that night for such a special occasion. For me, shoes have always been the most important part of the whole outfit, the piece that makes the difference by adding a little bit of sparkle to your look. For instance, you can wear a black suit and you can still look wonderful if you choose the right shoes and accessories to complete your attire.  


So, I didn’t panic because I knew where to find the right shoes for the red carpet, a beautiful pair of Hugo Boss high heels. I opted for the polished leather nude pumps and I knew that was the right choice for a bunch of reasons. First of all, I am not going to wear them for the ball only but I can also wear them throughout the year, they are perfect for the upcoming events, the color goes with everything and they will look divine with sun-kissed skin in the summer. Plus, did you know that the nude pumps elongate your legs? Check it out in front of the mirror. You will be surprised by how much they make your legs look longer. 

hugo boss pumps

Before the Ball, I went to hotel Bristol, where I shot those photos, and right after that I headed straight to the Opera Ball. When the clock struck midnight, my shoes remained intact (in comparison to Cinderella’s slippers) although the whole night and experience was pretty similar to her fairy tale.


By: The Viennese Girl