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The Imperial Hotel is not just breathtaking on the outside but has also a quite interesting history, created in 1863 as the Vienna residence of the prince of Württemberg and was transformed into the Hotel Imperial for the universal exhibition in 1873. The hotel whose beauty is beyond everything also known as The Imperial was designed by the german architect Arnold Zenetti and built under the direction of Heinrich Adam. Over the years, the Hotel Imperial has had numerous famous guests, including Queen Elizabeth II, Charlie Chaplin, and president Kennedy. 

 The impressing façade is Italian Neo-Renaissance with emblematic details. Atop the building is a stone balustrade that elegantly frames a group of allegorical animals from the Württemberg coat of arms. The portal group is dominated by four impressive statues that are equally symbolic. 

Inside the lobby, a Royal Staircase leading up to suites and rooms is lit by magnificent chandeliers that sparkle and shimmer from high stucco ceilings radiating aristocratic flair. Private balconies offer splendid views of the roofs and spires of old Vienna—the perfect introduction to a remarkable city stay.

Staying at least one night a the Imperial Hotel will turn you life into a fairytale. It will make you feel royal, like a princess or a prince. Imagine sleeping in the same room as Queen Elizabeth II–the dream may not be as far away as you think! is having a giveaway and one of the amazing prices is a night with breakfast at The Imperial. Go make sure you join the sweepstake and ensure the prize! 



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