It’s Official: Men Who Take Selfies Have More Psychopathic Tendencies

Posted by January 20, 2015 - LIFESTYLE

We had a hunch – but now our suspicions have been confirmed.

Thanks to a new study from The Ohio State University, research has shown a correlation between the number of selfies a guy takes and psychopathic tendencies. Meanwhile, men who consistently use filters or edit their photos before uploading have a tendency to be more self-objectifying.

Regardless of the fact that some guys in the selfie group upload their photos with #NoFilter – they are still shown to be more narcissistic than the average male. Our thorough research on Pinterest and Google image seems to support this claim as well. ;)


Now, we are not saying all selfies are bad selfies and automatically means you are a cold blooded killer or anything, there is definitely a place for them on social media – but fellas just try to keep them far and few between.

The study included a group of 800 males between the age of 18 – 40. And the next step for lead researcher Jesse Fox? The same study on women :)

By Notorious Mag