Office Christmas Party: Rocking Outfits To Impress With Style

Posted by December 12, 2016 - Fashion, How to walk in these trends, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

It is the 13th today which means that we are slowly entering the coolest weeks of this month and no, we do not mean Christmas eve. The office parties season is here – random applause. What a fun thing to be involved in… Office Christmas parties. This is from our point of view THE event of the year. Please have in mind that (from our experience we can say that) your ride may slightly differ, but it sure could include some of the following effects: seeing your boss in a party mood (Yes, they are humans too, just like you), your next door colleague will end up wearing his tie around his head, your shy techie may evolve into some kind of party animal creature and the guy in one floor above will totally hit on the just happily married secretary. Other than this, it sure promises some very good memories.

So our job today is to get you ready for that special night, we believe you should wear the right outfit and that is exactly what our aim consists on today. It clearly depends on several different factors like, location of the party, time of the day and weather but we will try to create these looks as accurate as possible. It is important to remember that a night out with friends is completely different to a Christmas Office Party occasion, although some people (ladies specially) seem to forget this when choosing an outfit. It is still a work related occasion, which means that you should stay within the working-outfit guidelines. This means; no teeny tiny dresses and Lady Gaga style pumps. Okay, now that these important points are cleared out, it is time to focus on the looks. We have created three looks, that will make you look absolutely stunning and will work well in every situation at your Office Christmas Party.  Time to rock and roll!

Look ONE

1.Lazzarini Cross Over 2. SMH Booties 3. Monki Long Sleeve 4. Mango Bordeaux Jacket

Look TWO

1. Vigneron Brown Bag 2. Michael Kors Callahan Loafer 3. Monki Velvet Jumpsuit 4. Zara Long Brown Coat


1. Lazzarini Clutch 2. Buffalo Pumps 3. Bershka Green Pleated Skirt 4. Zara Crossed Black Shirt 5. Mango Fur Coat