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1989 was the year when Marty McFly embarked on a journey to the future in the second part of the movie trilogy “Back To The Future”. And future is today, as he arrived on october, 21st 2015! Some of the film’s predictions for today really came true, still there is one thing that we are missing (besides hover boards). It’s the super cool self-lacing Nike Mag Sneakers that Michael J. Fox alias Marty gets to wear. Rumor has it that Nike will bring out the sneakers from the movie by today. So far we are still waiting… 

Four years ago the shoe brand already released a limited edition of a replica of the Nike Mag Shoes, though without the self-lacing function. 

As this prophecy of the film makers didn’t fulfill and Nike didn’t created this shoes (yet), we resort to the normal versions of the cool sneakers. They are a great alternative while waiting for Marty’s super shoes. And honestly, who really needs power-lacing shoes?



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