This New York Hair Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless Every Sunday

Posted by August 31, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

A great and humble act of a Mark Bustos, New York hair stylist really amazes us. He spends his only day off, Sundays, walking around the streets of New York, giving haircuts to the homeless people – at least 6 people every Sunday! This idea was born while cutting hair for impoverished people on a family visit to Philippines in 2012. After that, he felt so rewarding he decided to bring the positive energy to New York City as well. Bustos likes to do it in public so people can see him and maybe find their inspiration in his good deed. The only motto is “Be awesome to everybody”!

My parents will be so proud of me when they find out why I’ve been missing Sunday dinners.

And we’re sure they are going to be! Check out his humble work here:







HERE you can check his Instagram account and follow his work!