How To Survive New Year’s Eve in High Heels

Posted by December 31, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

What is usually left after New Year’s Eve celebrations is a big hangover and hurting feet. Even if your High Heels fit perfectly without leaving any pressure marks or blisters, the ball of the feet start hurting after some time. So when you plan on dancing all night long this can put a spoke in your wheel. If you don’t like the idea of switching to flats after two hours or even avoiding High Heels at all on New Year’s Eve, you should try this simple trick that keeps your feet pain-free:

Tape your toes!

 The secret is taping your toes together. It really is as simple as it sounds: Starting from the big toe take your third and fourth toe and tape them together with bandaging tape. Medical tape is available at every pharmacy or drugstore. But why do buddy taped toes (as it is often called) support the ball of the foot? A nerv running through the toes and the sole of the foot is sending pain signals to the brain when there is too much pressure on it. When wearing High Heels all the body weight has to be carried by the small ball of the foot. The taping pinches off the nerve and therefore also the pain signal.

Ok, this solution may sound a bit fierce but as New Year’s Eve is only once a year we’ll turn a blind eye to this, probably not overly healthy, trick. So if you planned on skipping High Heels because of the pain, take our taping advice and see how it does wonders. (And now you also have a reason to buy a new pair for New Year’s Eve ;)

picture via Stylight