Here Is Your New Nordic Crush: ARKK Copenhagen

Posted by March 27, 2017 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Is there anything better than being introduced to someone awesome? Well today, not only is it a sunny Monday morning, but we also have someone pretty amazing to introduce you to. ARKK is a brand new player of the Humanic Team. This Copenhagen original brand, claims to be the boss of the “keep it simple” style and they manifest this nothing less than, in form of unisex sneakers. The colours they tend to go for are all in the black, grey and white hue groups and we are totally obsessed with them because they could match absolutely everything. 

These trainers could not only be used for sports or workout, but also for a nice casual outfit at the office. This season is all about reviving sneakers in any shape and form, so why not start doing this with a nice pair of ARKK. Let’s be honest, even the name sounds cool and if you add the Nordic touch to that, a pretty explosion of style can happen. However, lets go back to one of their main characteristics, the unisex part. These trainers are so neat and awesome that you could actually match them to your boyfriends or guy-BF. 

If you are still thinking “How is it possible that I never heard of these guys?”, do not worry one bit, because their shoes are already in stores and they are waiting for you to come and meet them officially. Luckily enough for us, the online store has also got a bunch of their sneakers for you to check them out right now. Let us kindly recommend you to pass by their collection of sneakers for Humanic by clicking here. 


ARKK Raven Black /  ARKK Raven Black and White  /  ARKK Raven Blue  /  ARKK Raven Grey