The New “Freunde Von Freunden: Friends” Interiors Book

Posted by November 6, 2014 - Design, LIFESTYLE

The Berlin-based interview magazine  Freunde von Freunden take amazing pictures of the home of their interviewers, showing cool people in their natural habitat. These photos of authentic and unpretentious urban-life are now collected in a book.

If you are asking yourself if you need another interior book on your coffee table, I will say YES, that one you need. The private homes and working places displayed in it are from the most creative and inspiring people, the Freunde von Freuden’s own friends and, of course, friends of friends.


The ‘Friends’ book is the second one published with Distanz Verlag, the publishing house of art collector Christian Boros and Uta Grosenick. This time, they are showing houses around the globe; from Hawaii to Beirut, passing by New York and Tokyo. In 300 pages, we can see how creative people live, actors, architects, artists, collector, DJs, designers, editors, entrepreneurs, gallery owners, illustrators, photographers, who can inspire us enormously.

If you are in German, by here. Worldwide, here.

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Photos from Freunde von Freunden