8 New Beauty Products Every Woman Wants Now

Posted by April 26, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

When it comes to beauty care and cosmetics, every woman has her own go-to routine. Now things get a bit changed up… Lots of new beauty products are coming out in spring 2016! They are said to make the daily routine much easier. No matter if it’s skincare, make up or hair treatment – we like to try all of the new goodies, that beauty industry spoils us with.

We listed for you the 8 most surprising and promising new beauty products, that every woman is keen on now! 

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower 

This is an amazing invention: A self tanning lotion that is applied and washed off in the shower. The Gradual Tan In Shower by St. Tropez is the next, logic step after the in-shower body lotion that makes our morning routine so much quicker. In the shower the lotion can be easily applied evenly all over the body! And because it is washed off after 3 minutes there is no danger of stains on the clothes or the skin.


Beautyblender Blotterazzi

It looks like a flat version of the Beautyblender, but instead applying make up, the Blotterazzi absorbs excess oil of the skin. The shape and texture make the process much easier than the use of blotting papers. It comes in a small mirror box of 2 pieces. And because it is washable it can be reused up to many, many times!


Aqua Peeler

The Aqua Peeler from Yoon Dermaline is an easy-to-handle gem for targeted skin exfoliating. Spots can be treated directly with the Q-tip that is fixed to the little receptacle. The Korean product peels the skin with acid ingredients and hydrates it with botanical extracts and deep sea water.


Artis Elite Smoke Oval 8 Brush

The CosmeFibre® head of the Elite Smoke Oval 8 Brush by Artis combines all kinds of brushes: It is an all-in-one tool for blending either foundation, contour, makeup or blush. And it has a very extraordinary look which makes styling itself stylish. 


Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer

The Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer combines the benefits of  many haircare products: It smoothens the hair like conditioner, prepares it for blow drying like heat protection spray and nurses like a hair mask. The primer also nourishes and strengthens the hair but its main purpose it the reduce of blow drying time.

Redken-Pillow-Proof-Blow-Dry-Express-Treatment-Primer Caption Onto the Next Concentrated Cream Nail Polish Remover

A nail polish remover of creamy consistency? Caption made it possible! The Onto the Next Nail Polish Remover Concentrated Cream nourishes the nails and removes old nail polish (even the hard-to-get-rid-of glitter remains). The consistency makes handling easier and more precise so that it is finally possible to remove the polish of only one nail without harming the others!


Milk Makeup Lip Marker

This product is so new, that it is not even out yet! The Lip Marker by Milk Makeup literally is a marker pen for the lips – in a double meaning: it last as long as a marker and it is shaped liked one! 


Biossance The Refresher

Makeup removing wipes are often the second choice because they tend to dry the skin and do not perform as well in cleaning as a face wash or foam. The Refresher is 100 % plant-derived and therefore without any skin-drying ingredients. It contains antioxidants and leaves the skin clean, nourished and smooth. 

Biossance-Refresher Teaser Image by Anna Sudit via Refinery 29