Neustifter Kirtag – Final Style Tips Before The Day Arrives

Posted by August 18, 2016 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Just in case you have never attended the Neustifter Kirtag, let us do a short recap on it.  The Neustifter Kirtag is claimed to be one of the coolest traditional Austrian events in Austria, a vibrant and lively event as the grand finale of summer by the end of the month were everyone is invited to join.

Now that you have been officially invited (by us, of course) it is time to organize your traditional festive outfit. If you already have one and you’ve left it at the very end of your closet because you never found the right occasion, JOY; we just found you one. In case you still haven’t got your beautiful traditional Dirndl, we got your back too (how amazing are we, right?). You can find three outfits options showing totally different styles in our last weeks’ post on Kirtag Looks, feel free to step by and choosing your favourite outfit.

Once your outfit is chosen you should take care of the details and accessories. Shoes, hairstyles and head pieces for example play a huge role. We have chosen some ideal footwear options for you to be ready for THE event of August. Always have in mind that this is a traditional event, therefore the Converse for everything rule (sadly) does not apply. Make sure you go for an old classic or a more conventional foot wear choice or else your outfit will definitely look strange.

Also, as you may already know these events include the Wine Factor in it, so make sure this is not a problem by choosing a comfortable shoe to go with your whole look.

Hairstyles also play an important role in the whole look. Our recommendation would be to style to hair with some delicate plaits coming from both sides, leaving your hair loose at the back and attaching them to create a thin crown effect.

Once you have got all these points covered, you are ready for the Neustifter Kirtag. Let the wine flow!

Tommy Hilfiger Brown Boot

Buffalo Black Strips Ballerina

Unisa Black Classic Ballerina

Vigneron Brown Ballerina

Vigneron Velourleder Black Shoe


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