All You Need To Know About Wearing Sneakers Over 20

Posted by April 26, 2016 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

As we age, our wardrobe will naturally age with us. We tend to go for more elevated looks and the inseams are usually much longer than we would go for 10 years ago. Many people wonder how sneakers play into the natural evolution of our style, but for us, they fit right in. Sneakers are definitely not just a young person’s game, they are fitting for any age, you just have to know how to style them.

Sneakers are widely accepted as workplace appropriate these days but that does not mean all styles are created equal. In our 20s jeans, t-shirt and sneakers were our go-to but nowadays we are leaning towards looks that are more polished. These looks are easily accomplished with a chic mid-length dress, cropped pants, trousers and a blazer, even distressed jeans. But the real secret to pulling off the sleek look is keeping your sneakers fresh and clean, yes, that means investing in a good shoe cleaner for quick spot treatments (because that is what grown-ups do, right?). 

Keeping the color pallet on the neutral side will help make the look more work-appropriate with whites, metallics, and pastels. This will also make them more practical, but that’s not to say all the fun has to be sucked out of your style. If you are bold, go for a loud color and make it work with your look! It’s all about pulling your look together for an overall polished and elevated appearance!

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