Natalie Foss And Her Girls From Another World

Posted by January 29, 2016 - Design

We love coming across new artists – so imagine our joy when we came across Nathalie Foss. The Norwegen illustrator loves working with color pencils and colored paper – and we love to see the final product. Her ideas push the boundary of normal, at first glance they look like they could be regualr girls until you notice their quirks and that is something that Foss enjoys,

“I work mostly with color pencils and colored paper, with focus on feelings and expressions. I usually find inspiration in people, music, animals, subcultures, feelings, fashion, thoughts and a good cup of coffee. I love colours, faces and quirky things, and enjoys experimenting”.

Her work has a surrealistic and other worldly qualities to them, so let your imagination soar because these drawings are sure to take you to another place.


Photos via Natalie Foss