Beauty Street Styles: Nail Polish & The Best Salons in Vienna

Posted by June 3, 2016 - Austria, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
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Along with the rise of the thermometer we let fall layers and tend to lighter and shorter pieces of clothing. Also our feet – and toes – get uncovered. This also means that nail polish season is back. Did you already go to the pedicure? For summer, we want to go experimental in terms of pedi and mani as well…

Inspiration we draw from the street styles of Paris and Sydney Fashion Week: The show attendants truly outdid one another in terms of nail polish and design, topped with the most beautiful accessories and shoes. On the hands we saw funny nail art à la Pokemon and different colors on each finger. For the feet, they kept it simpler. An all time classic? Every shade of red – from coral to purple. Other frontrunners were definitely metallic hues and black. 

For getting the perfect mani and pedi, we made a list for you, including our favorite Beauty Salons in Vienna. So for the case you’re still in search of your go-to-beauty bar, make sure to have a look at the ones listed below. 

Vienna’s Beauty Salons

One of the newest additions to Vienna’s beauty scene is THE place to go now – for nails, massages and any other kind of body and beauty treatment.

The expert ladies at the drop-in studio are specialized in hands and feet cosmetics.

The spa-like atmosphere at the lounge can even be topped by the fact, that they also do hair styling!

In their 5 studios in Vienna, Topsi offers not only treatments, but also includes a shop with high quality beauty products and excellent consulting by their employees.

Austria’s most traditional beauty facility open it’s doors first in 1880. By today they have several shops all over Austria, with an incorporated beauty studio in some of them, such as in Salzburg, Linz and Vienna. 

But before you head straight away to one of the above, get inspired by the nail designs from Paris and Sydney Fashion Week street styles:


And if you’re still on the hunt for the heels or sandals your toes should sparkle in, head over to HUMANIC and find your perfect pair!

Pictures: Getty via Vogue