MQ Vienna Fashion Week – A Recap

Posted by September 19, 2016 - Austria, Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends
MQ Vienna Fashion Week

MQ Vienna Fashion Week came to its end yesterday night with an open to public closing show by Mario Soldo. It was seven days of all types of fashion styles, new trends and some very distinctive looks going down the Viennese runway and we have put together the highlights of the week and the finale.

So we headed down to MQVFW in order to be able to tell you exactly what happened and here is a short recap on it. The whole event consisted in four different areas, which included two big lounges where all the pop up stores and showrooms were showing the designers best pieces and showcasing their fashion items. The third area was a big white tend that was separated into the waiting area, which was where the official photo booth took place, the drinks flowed and a beautiful new car was being shown and finally the fourth area included the runway where all the shows took place. The whole event was organized to perfection and some beautiful pieces of fashion could be seen and tried on. Each showcasing designer had the chance to show their whole collections on the catwalk and they didn’t let anybody down. The shows were beautiful and inspirational to watch.

The grand finale was once more put together by Mario Soldo, whom has been in charge of the final show for seven years now. This year’s show was a Vintage inspired theme sponsored by Humana, a second hand organization who promotes second hand fashion. The final show was brought down the runway by more than 70 models from different backgrounds, age groups, styles or body shapes and even featured some Austrian influencers who very fashionable smuggled into the show.  The show was full of colour and fun facts that made everyone watch right until the end of it. Here are the highlights and the best shots we could take at the final show. 

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Pictures via MQVFW and Juan Carlos Hayduck