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The days are getting shorter and colder and let’s be honest, the weather isn’t the best either. So on weekends we get lazy and want to stay in bed longer, have a super late breakfast which you can’t even call brunch anymore and watch movies. Let us tell you a secret: we are movie experts. Yes, seriously, no joke. We have seen a billion movies, it’s kind of our hobby, sometimes we manage around 5 movies a week. So we decided to share with you our not quite necessary but awesome movie knowledge and made a list for you. We tried to put a little bit of everything on the list, so the romantic hearts will have their love stories and the thriller obsessed will get their adventure satisfaction. We won’t tell you the plot of the movies (wikipedia is doing a better job on this), just a few sentences to give you a little feeling of what expects you. Here is what you should watch during the next cold and dark weekends:

Gone Girl

gone girl

That’s a crazy one. For everyone who has over 2 hours time and is ready to take a journey into the psycho life of a weird couple. Kidnapping, affairs, love, lies and murder guaranteed.

Love and other drugs

love and other drugs

That’s a good choice for everyone who wants to have a romantic love story with a twist and some drama.



A story of a boy who discovers the meaning of friendship, love, relationship and life in general. Oh and Matthew McConaughey is playing in it. Just saying.

American Hustle

american hustle

A very thrilling movie based on the FBI Operation ‘Abscam’, playing in the 70s. Amy Adams plays one of the main characters and does a terrific job. For everyone who loves drama and romance with a little thriller touch.



This movie is by and with Ben Affleck. He wasn’t really one of my favourite actors before, but I really changed my mind about him after this film. This political thriller plays in 1979 and is showing the rescue of six U.S. Diplomats in Teheran, who were hold hostage.

A most wanted man

a most wanted man

One of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last movies. It’s about a political refugee from Chechnya, who enters Hamburg illegally to escape his cruel past.

End of Watch

end of watch

A very touching and dramatic story of two policemen and close friends. We are witnessing their everyday life at work and at home. Tears alert (especially the end)!

Life of Pi

life of pi

Beautiful cinematography! And a great story of an Indian boy that went on a very special and dangerous journey that he didn’t ask for. That’s a good choice for everyone who loves adventures.

Taxi Driver

taxi driver

An oldie but goodie! Robert De Niro in the best role of this life, playing Travis, a depressed and lonely New Yorker.

Donnie Darko

donnie darko

A supernatural drama playing in 1988. It tells the story of a troubled teenager and the end of the world. Great for everyone who is on the mood for some horror.

By Broken Cookies