The Movement Of Me: Sonia Ciocan

Posted by March 10, 2016 - Design, Things We L@VE

The support of creative talents is an important concern to HUMANIC. With THE MOVEMENT OF ME, we built a platform to showcase musicians, writers, designers and other artists. They are EXTRAORDINARY. ALWAYS. One of these special people with an eye for aesthetics and the skills to transfer it into an artwork is the 24-year-old Sonia from Bucharest.

So we are very happy to listen to her story:


Hello, I’m Sonia. What am I professionally? Some call me a photographer, others call me a content creator, but I think of myself as a “creative person”. My journey started when I was only 16 years old and got my own first camera from my parents.

I’m not sure what drove me into photography. I think it was the freedom it provided and the fact that you can see one object in a million different ways, which makes it unique. After all, a photo is shaped by the person behind the lens.

Along the way, I met Radu Osaciuc, a constructive mind like me, and together we founded our very own agency, CIOCANUL. It is focused on photography, design, branding, social media and content creation. The name “CIOCANUL” means “The Hammer”, a strong symbol for hard-working individuals (and it’s also my family name).

To all the young talents who have no idea of how and where to start, I just want to say: Just do it! Because there is no better time and place than HERE and NOW.

Yours, Sonia

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Photos: Sonia Ciocan