Monday To Friday Bag And Shoes Combinations To Die For

Posted by November 7, 2016 - Fashion, How to walk in these trends, We L@VE Shoes

Although we are clear shoe lovers, sometimes the thing is not only about shoes, bags can be everything too. Humanic does not only sell awesome and amazing shoes, they also offer incredible fashionable bags and we are here to show them all to you. Fall can be a sad season if you are not feeling the Trendsylvania layers’ technic or you are simply uninspired, but, there is nothing a good pair of shoes or a nice gorgeous bag can not make better. So for all those uninspired fashion souls out there: We are about to offer you a shot of inspiration for you to come back on track and fill yourself with the good vibes of the fall.

Fall can seem like a long season, specially if you are living in the northern or eastern side of the European continent, however we have some tricks to make it look especially cool and much more enjoyable from the fashionable point of view. We believe that shoes and bags have a special power and that is the power of giving any outfit a fresh and cool touch. Like every week, Humanic has brought out their newest items and latest handbag designs. We have chosen some of the nicest handbags, which from our point of view would automatically upgrade an outfit and splash you with some intense good fall vibrations. So here are the Monday to Friday coolest and newest combinations of bags and shoes that will bring your fall spirit back and put it on the game like a star.

Monday Look


Calvin Klein Beige Crossover Bag and Vigneron Black Booties

Tuesday Look


Lazzarini City Bag and Gamloong Leather Boots

Wednesday Look


SMH Shopper Bag and Gant Jennifer Flat Booties

Thursday Look


Michael Kors Green Shopper Bag and Gamloong Black Booties

Friday Look


SMH Bordeaux Clutch and SMH Heel Boots

Weekend Looks

However, for the weekend we have other great combinations ready for your that will get you through different weekend situations, the comfiest way possible. Here are some of the coolest weekend combinations you could think of for this season. 

Teaser image via Pinterest