Modern Graphic: The Trend You Will Want To Keep As Your Secret

Posted by March 28, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

The world of modern graphics is a very edgy trend that we are learning to love everyday more and more. Straight from the streets of London, a very West London vibe that you will definitely want to keep for yourself and not tell your friends about (so you could be the only one wearing it of course). What we would usually understand by modern graphics is a very edgy, straight and symmetric style and so it is. This new wave of graphics on clothes has a very urban touch to it that strongly reminds us of some very cool cities like Berlin or London.

In order to rock this trend like a real Berliner or a Londoner all you have to do is aim for the most symmetric items in town. Choose some cool culottes that allow you to create a very elongated figure by combining it with a long shirt or T-shirt. Direct you pattern choices towards the stripes, straight lines or simply plain coloured materials, this will match perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Checked garments could also work and so would anything containing straight lines.

Once your outfit plan is completed and you feel comfortable with it, concentrate on your shoe choices. We would personally recommend going for a good hint of colour, creating a good contrast and a flashy impact on your whole look. Strong hues like yellow, red, pink and anything neon could absolutely work and you will be crossing off your check list that perfect wow factor that you should be aiming for. 


Marc O’Polo Espadrilles  /  Alisha Sneakers  /  Kate Gray Ballerina  /  Esprit Ines Stripes So

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