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Posted by October 8, 2014 - Music, Pop Culture, Videos

As I’m writing this the rain is pouring down outside – looks like summer has finally said its goodbyes and autumn has arrived for real. There is a lot of music coming out at this time of the year. The festival season is officially over; tours start and one of the most important new music events are taking place in New York (CMJ). Basically it’s a great time for music, which is why I compiled a list of new bands or new singles or more or less known bands that need to be listened to.

1. Thalassocracy – Shimensoka

‘Shi-men-so-ka’ – a situation beyond hope; defeat is clear. Thalassocracy comprises Jake May of Grubs, Lloyd King of Slothboat and Richard Walsh co-founder of one of our fave labels Art Is Hard Records. The track opens with some tinkling organs only to break into a minimal but captivating scuzzy rhythm section and a threatening guitar line.

 2. White Sands – Expect Nothing

White Sands are Conan Roberts (Mazes), Sophy Hollington (Novella) and John Arthur Webb (Male Bonding). With the obvious soundings and influence from their respective ‘other’ projects, White Sands heightens a darker and far more furious edge to any of those previous. ‘Expect Nothing’ the first track taken from their debut EP ‘The Wait’ is certain to instigate a mosh pit with a slacker stance.

 3. Girlpool – Jane

Los Angeles-based duo Girlpool, Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad are high-school friends; now they are making music together, which in the case of ‘Jane’ tells a story about girl named Jane punching a boy named Tommy in the mouth. Being comprised solely of a guitar, bass, and vocals, the track contains a message of empowerment “You were born for a reason, share all your feelings/ If you are a Jane, put your fist up, too.”

 4. The Pink Teens – Shanghaied

Formely known as Temple Songs Jolan Lewis’ band now goes under the name of  The Pink Teens. Their first single under their new name is ‘Shanghaied’ – a noise pop track that features powerful guitar riffs and quick-paced drumming.

 5. The Voyeurs – Stunners

The Voyeurs are also the result of a name change –formerly known as Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs, the band have contributed equally to the material for album number two and therefore the Heavenly Recording darlings decided on a new name. In November they are going on European tour with The Horrors.

 6. Ultimate Painting – Ten Street

My friends James Hoare (Veronica Falls) and Jack Cooper (Mazes) who formed duo Utimate Painting this year released yet another track ahead of their debut album which out on 27th October via Trouble In Mind. ‘Ten Street’ written and sung by Jack, it’s centred around obsessive compulsive behavior, where he was counting ‘tens’ of things.

 7. Splashh – Colour It In

After the release of their first album ‘Comfort’ back in September 2013 Splashh are back and hinting at their second LP with the new single ‘Colour It In’. Keeping their psychedelic sounds the Australian / London four-piece is set to release the new album early 2015.

 8. Homeshake – Making A Fool Of You

HOMESHAKE is the latest pseudonym and solo project of Edmonton-born, Montreal-based Peter Sagar. Musically, Peter has long been influenced by the icy landscapes of his home in Canada. ‘Making A Fool Of You’ showcases a bright combination of downy vocals, lithe guitar and dazed drums. Sagar describes it as, “…a song about how this one friend of mine had a girlfriend and I’m not so sure she had his best interests in mind. But that’s over now so we can all breathe easy.”

 9. Happyness – Full Of Minnows

‘Full Of Minnows’ is part of a 20 track compilation called 80N7, which was especially compiled for this year’s cassette store day.  London trio Happyness contributed a dreamy lullaby with which they retain a certain shy quietness as they did on previous track ‘Leave The Party’.

 10. Communions – So Long Sun

‘So Long Sun’ in common with its title, has this anticipating the change of season sort of feel, combined with chiming guitars and airy vocals that create an ethereal vibe. The Danish four piece created the perfect melancholic ridden song about the passing of summertime as you shrug yourself in that coat, and walk away…

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