My First Time – Miu Miu Inspired Ballerinas

Posted by May 8, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

Usually, I’m really not the biggest fan of ballerinas, but I guess I changed my opinion some weeks ago when I stumbled upon this eyecatchers at Humanic. These silver ballerinas are inspired by Miu Miu and made by Kate Gray, the newest label of the Humanic family. They come in two different colours and of course I had to get the silver ones. Combined with my fishnet tights they’re easy to wear in both spring and summer. Talking about summer: Where are you? Today was the first warmer and sunny day and I enjoyed some sun on my face on a typical Sunday. My Sundays probably don’t look like yours: I get up in the morning and spend the whole day typing stuff on my computer. Sundays are for emails, blog work and writing this article for Humanic, my personal highlight of this day. Most of the time I enjoy a cup of tea while writing and yes, most of the time it’s getting quite late but I feel more inspired in the evenings since I’m a night owl. This past week has been calm for me. I had to organize some future trips, I received some packages from agencies and I also have some good news: My editorial for Cosmopolitan USA will be out soon and I can’t wait to see the pictures in the magazine. Since Cosmopolitan is such a big magazine, I will be even able to buy it in a local book store here in Austria and of course, it’s still a weird feeling to see yourself in magazines. The coming week is getting a bit more dense: I have some appointments in both Vienna and maybe even Graz and two Facetime meetings during the week, so let’s see what this upcoming week is bringing me. I detoxed my whole wardrobe again and am now back to being super minimalistic. It feels so refreshing to get rid of stuff you don’t need, seriously. It’s your decision if you resell or donate your stuff, so or so, it will definitely make people happy. There’s only one chapter where it’s kinda hard for me to detox: I’m talking about shoes. I can’t give some of them away because so many memories are attached to them. Anyway, I tried to put some of them away and keep the most important ones so I can make also space for new ones like my ballerinas or one other pair of white sneakers, probably my favourite type of shoe ever. I will tell you more about my upcoming days next week with a new article. Have a lovely Monday! 




By Hollerkat