Men In Black – Even In Summer

Posted by August 4, 2015 - Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes

Black -the color of winter and sadness? Certainly not! It may come as a surprise that the dark color made it to the top list of the most summery colors in the fashion world. The trick lies in the correct styling! As we have learned from the coolest gentlemen himself, David Beckham, a casual black t-shirt combined with shiny footwear completes the summer appearance just perfectly. However, if a rather elegant and fancy event lies ahead a black suit with fitting shoes is definitely always spot-on. In case the outfit is allowed to be a little bit more edgy a handy hint is to play around with different grey-black nuances as well as extravagant prints. 

Generally speaking, get rid of the saying that only bright colors belong in the summer closet, and kick off as the new summer men in black.  

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