Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2017- The Highlights

Posted by September 2, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

Hours away from the closing ceremony of the 21st anniversary of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and after a week filled with fashion in every possible way, we chose some of the best looks of MSFW 17 for you to have a peep on what is going on on the other side of the world in terms of fashion. Even though we are always a season ahead (or behind, he!), the kangaroo captivated country, has some very interesting fashion events that are totally worth looking at. Even though they are known for the laid-back attitude and positive vibes, they are always ahead on fashion offering some very intriguing stylish collections and incredible combinations.

This Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has offer many different styles within their designers; different types of materials and final touches which gave this MSFW a very futuristic inclination. The most popular trend chosen to open the gala was a very strong Metallic trend. It could be spotted on several pieces and many of the collections. Nude was also featuring in most of the collections going down the runway on the opening day, Carla Zampatti though, killed it in the nude territory. Other trends included Fringing and Embellishments within many others, were all designed to perfection to fill this MSFW up with the coolest spring outfits and newest fashion tendencies. Another very strong trend that could be seen during this whole Australian fashion week in Melbourne were the Textures. The designers dived into the textures pool with no fears or regrets and what a result. Good for them (and for us) !

Within the designers chosen to open the gala, you could find names like; Bianca Spender, Cristahlea, Rachel Gilbert, Gwendolynne, Thurley, Aurelio Costarella and OneDay. Minutes away of the closing ceremony to be officially concluded, we tried choosing the best shots of what we think were the highlights of this MSFW 16 for you to get the best idea of the event.

It’s a wrap everybody!



Pictures via MSFW Facebook, Vogue Australia and Melbourne Girl.