Meet Jean Jullien, The Graphic Designer Behind The Paris Peace Sign

Posted by November 17, 2015 - Pop Culture, Things We L@VE

As the world’s heart is reeling in pain from the senseless and evil acts that transpired last Friday in Paris and the day before in Beirut, there was one symbol of hope for the French people: a simple peace sigh fashioned out of the Eiffel Tower. Jean Jullien is the artist behind the “Peace for Paris” symbol, which has become an international symbol of solidarity.

He is a french graphic designer based in London. The artwork he created is helping the city of Paris, as well as the world to heal. The clever blending of two iconic symbols does not any words an don’t require a deep cultural understanding in order to get it. That is why he thinks it has been so powerful and why people are reacting to is as positively as they are. As he describes it, it was a quick sketch that just came to his mind when he heard the tragic news. He originally shared it on Instagram and Twitter and by the next day it was already being printed on t-shirts. And now, the Paris peace sign go down in history.


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