Mc Queen & Co. – The Top Fashion Movies To Come

Posted by September 7, 2016 - Art, Fashion, Film, LIFESTYLE
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Imagine the smell of freshly made popcorn and old style silky theatre sits, combined with a fashion movie. How perfect would that be? Luckily enough there are several fashion movies coming out soon and we CANNOT wait to see them all. Some of these movies were filmed in a documentary style and some in a full-length type, but one thing they have in common; they are totally worth looking at and promise a good journey into the fashion world and industry from very different points of view. There have been several classic fashion movies in the film industry for decades now that are still worth referring back to; Devil wears Prada for example, where Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep gave life to two very common roles in the fashion business. Breakfast at Tiffany’s; just a classic, nothing but good things could be said about this piece of applied arts in fashion. Coco Chanel and many other fashion movies complete the list, but today we would like to introduce you the new releases on fashion featured projects.


The Neon Demon (2016) – Elle Fanning, Keanu Reeves

This project is nothing like the chic type movies below. On the other hand, this project offers a very controversial side of fashion and modelling that stands pretty much on the Horror style category.


The battle of Versailles (2016) – Documentary

This documentary offers a very French style set of old images and videos recompilations, that states the fact that Paris and France in general IS and will always be the capital of high fashion and style. This will definitely be a must-look-at over a good glass of sweet wine and French cheese.


Alexander McQueen – The Ripper (Year Unknown)

The Ripper, a film about the relationship between Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, is slowly going into production and promises some killing results. Since 2010 when the elephant style heel designer was found in his London apartment, we have been waiting for some type of comeback of the artist. This movie we believe (even though there is no official peek of the project) will blow some roofs off. We cannot wait to know a little bit more this film. 


Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016) – Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lunley

This crazy combination of fashion and awkwardness featuring nothing less but Kate Moss,  will guarantee us some good laughs for the whole duration of the film. Quick hint: It tells the story of two PR professionals who want to keep on living the London life the good old way – Cool innit?


The first Monday in May (2016) – Documentary

This is not the first time we get to see one of this Vogue themed documentary with the British born fashion editor Anne Wintour as its main character, but this one on the other hand, sets its main focus on the annual Fundraising Met Gala Event in New York.


Café Society (2016) – Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg

Although this is not a directly fashion focused movie, it sure promises some amazing styling and wardrobe diamonds. A project directed by the one and only Woddy Allen, whom inspired himself in the 30s where everything was pretty much fun and crazy within the high societies of America. A very Great Gatsby Style project that will probably keep us stuck to the screen for some time, starring at their gorgeous 30s outfits.


The Dressmaker (2016) – Kate Winslet

Last but not least, our total favorite fashion upcoming movie. Kate Winslet continuous to stun us with her performances and this time she plays the role of a designers who comes back home after a long time. Just check out the flawless red dress – unbeatable! 


Pictures via Pinterest, New Yorker and Hypebeast.