Marion Cotillard: Get Her Look

Posted by December 30, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
marion cotillard

When we look at celebrities looks, the French girls always manage to stay on the top spots of our lists. We secretly think there is something in the streets of France that just makes every girl look chic and classy. As as consequence of this, one of our latest favourite celebrity is Marion Cotillard. This Parisian born actress who has been awarded with several awards these last few years, not only manages to be an excellent actress but also a very stylish fashionista.

For her red carpets, Cotillard tends to fall for very classy chic pieces. She rocks dresses like she was a mannequin and always manages to squeeze into the top ten best dresses of the night. When outside the red carpets, the French born award winner, tends to go for long trench coats and some classic pieces, like pumps, trainers and booties. Although Marion herself admitted on a Vogue interview last year that she would not be able to describe her own style by saying this: “Honestly, I never analysed whether I had a style or whether I didn’t. I wouldn’t be able to describe my style, or even tell if I have one or not”. However, although she does not see it herself, we still think that she has a lot of Oh là là and style rue going on in her delicately chosen and classy looks. 

So since the year is finishing tomorrow, we though it would be a great idea to do a recap of all the looks that Marion Cotillard wore throughout this lasts few months and in order to do so, we have collected Marion’s best looks this year for you to have quick look on what her best outfits looked like his past year. 



Get Marion Cotillards Look


1. Vigneron Cross Over Bag 2. Marc O’Polo Classic Boots 3. Zara Blue Blouse 4. Bershka Leggigns 5. Mango Trench Coat


Images via Pinterest, Vogue and Stylebistro