How To Make Tights The Eyecatcher Of Your Outfit

Posted by November 17, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

Changing the time some weeks ago, was the official DING DONG sound of the tights season. No matter how much we want to push it back and auto convince ourselves that you can still do it without tights, you can’t. In fact, didn’t your grandma tell you that tights are meant to be used during the months with a ‘R’ in it? (Ha, we can hear you going through the twelve months of the year in your mind. Let us wrap it up for you: September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April.) Grandmas simply know best.

So here is the real deal; how to make tights be the eye catcher of your outfit. Well let us tell you, a lot of it has to do with…wait for it…THE SHOES. Yep, the shoes are pretty much everything when using tights during the months containing an ‘R’ in it. For example, it would be a loss if you wore a pair of beautiful polka dots tights and hid them to the world with a pair of very high boots. But on the bright side, it would be super cozy for a chilled movie night at your friends, if you combined a pair of opaque black tights with some warm Ugg boots. So, what we are here to tell you today is that tights are great and that you should rock them properly following our next tips and ideas of combinations.

Each type of tight should be styled with a different style of shoes, that is exactly what will make your outfit stand out of the crowd and make your tights become the star of the show. Here are some examples for you to start filling your closet with many different types and patterns of tights and follow Grandmas wise advice. 

Wollen Tights

tights_double tights_double2

Vigneron Barroque Style Pumps

Tights and Shorts

tights_double3 tights_double4

Funky Shoes Boots

Fish Net Tights

tights_double5 tights_double6

Pat Calvin Boots

Black Opaque Tights

tights_double7 tights_double8

SMH Block Heel Booties

Polka Dots Tights

tights_double9 tights_double10

Tamaris Loafer

Pictures via Pinterest