Make Up Hacks For The Summer – Less Is More!

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During the summer less is always more and we all want to achieve a perfect and flawless beach style make up. To achieve this we have to trust our natural skin tones and play around those tones to create our perfect summer make-up palette. Thanks to the most precious vitamin type, we all tend to look prettier and slightly darker (Thank you Sun!), so it is important to have in mind that your natural tone summer make-up products should be different from your winter ones.

So here are some hacks and tricks for you to follow during the summer to make your flawless make-up perfectly chic and naturel.



Tinted Sunscreen

This trick from our point of view is a summer basic. There are many different types of tinted sunscreens or foundations containing SPF. So have them in mind for your summer season. These are a perfect trick for an office look. It will keep you protected against the sun and at the same time it will give some colour to your skin.


Lancome Tinted Sunscreen SPF30


Lipstick Colour Choices

It is time to toss your heavy matte and dark coloured lipsticks. For the summer we recommend you to keep it simple. Your lipsticks choices should include colours which are similar to your skin tone or inside the orange/pink/brown palette.

This will give you a very simple and natural look which will look perfect with some beautiful summer outfits and your sun-kissed skin.


Sephora Lipstick


Perfect Skin

We all have different types of skin and tones, but every skin should be somehow taken care off daily. In the case you have an oily type of skin, we recommend you to always carry a small pack of face towels and applying at least twice a day. By doing this, you will never look shiny in a photo again. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, you should always have your hydrating lotion with you. Once again apply it twice a day (morning and night are usually the best time, because the skin can be cleaned properly) and your skin will look fresh and perfect for the rest of the day.


Oil-Free Cleansing Cloths


Nude tones

We are total fans of nude tones, even in the winter, but clearly it looks much better in the summer. We all know red and purples tones should be kept save for after October and the pinks, oranges and nudes are the best summer option. By using nude colours, we can obtain the beach summer look every celebrity rocks while at summer parties. It looks natural and classy. Have in mind that during the warmer months our skin tends to look a bit more tanned (very tanned in some cases too!) so this will already count as a “First round of make up”. All you have to do is combine it with very light colours, slightly lighter than what your skin looks at the moment.

La Biosthetique Natural Tone Shadow


Eye Liner

As we already mentioned, simplicity is the secret to a perfect summer make up style. So after you applied your favourite make-up base or cream, get a black eyeliner and gently mark your inferior line. This will make your eyes stand out just a tiny bit to match your summer make-up.


La Biosthetique Eye Liner


Waterproof Mascara

In case you like to mark your eyelashes during the summer too, we would suggest to buy some waterproof mascara. These are usually longer lasting and they will hold better in case of sweat and very hot days.


 Lancome Waterproof Mascara


Shine and Glow

We would suggest to stay away from the shiny and glow make-up looks for the summer, at least for the day looks. The only time we would agree with some glow and shine would be for the following occasions. Firstly, if you are applying some lipstick, it would be okay to apply a bit of shine on it and secondly, if you are attending a night party, it would also be okay to add SOME glow to it. Nevertheless, in both occasions the shine and glow should be applied very gently.



La Biosthetique Lip Booster


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