How To Make Your Credit Card A Favour And Not Act Like A Shopaholic

Posted by April 27, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, Trends

Finding your own personal style can be quite a trip, specially if you love everything in the store and find it difficult to control yourself in using your credit card like a real shopaholic. There are some tips that could result very useful in terms of fashion addicts. These tips will definitely help you out on choosing exactly what to wear according to your style.


Body shape, ladies.

It is a must to understand your body shape before you buy something. We all come in different types, colours and shapes and lucky enough for us, there are clothes and specific garments for EVERYONE and every type of body shapes in the planet. Once you have your body shape clear, you can focus on the garments that will look more flattering on you.

ONE Statement Piece

Find a piece that totally matches you and your personality. If can be sporty, it can be classic or it can even be boring, what ever matches you and the type of person you are. When you have one statement piece, you will find it easier to look for things that match that piece and that style.

Detect The Unwanted

Be honest to yourself and make a list of Things that you just don’t like, never wore or never would dare wearing. Don’t try wearing platform shoes if you never liked them, only because they are now on trend. Stay true to yourself and your style, there is a whole bunch of other fishes in the ocean to choose from. Choose the pieces you like and the ones you feel comfortable in.

Regular Wardrobe Inspection

We would not be talking to ourselves if we were saying that we have sometimes found things in our wardrobe that we were not even aware that  we had in there. This is bad. You should always be aware of what you have, specially when trying to create your own style. You should not be having pieces that are not in use and therefore; a closet inspection every now and then should become a habit.

Colour Palette

Make sure you are wearing the right colours. As mentioned above, we come in all different types of colours and this is great. If your skin is darker, go for whites, pastels and colours that will bring out your beautifully toasted skin. If your skin is paler and lighter, you should work around, grey, brown, greens and more classic toned hues. Black, luckily enough is for EVERYONE. In fact, “It is too much black, said no one ever!”

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